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Buddy Greens

Buddy Greens

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Buddy Greens is a powerhouse of health support combined with next-level convenience. 1 or 2 scoops provides your pup a delicious blend of 12 clinically-proven ingredients specially formulated to supercharge your pup's health.

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Unleash The Power Of Nutrition:

Introducing Buddy Greens, The Green Juice For Dogs!


✔️ Clinically Proven- Contains more clinically-proven ingredients than any dog supplement on the market

✔️ Scoop & Serve- Supercharge your dog’s health (and taste buds!) with just one scoop a day.

✔️ Results In 6 Weeks- Visible physical improvements under 6 weeks or your money back guaranteed


✔️ Sky-High Immunity

✔️ Smoothe Digestion

✔️Supple Skin & Coat

✔️ Improved Breath & Odor

✔️ 5-Star Heart Health

✔️ Resilient Joints


✔️ Over 22 powerful superfoods with a probiotic blend in each scoop.

✔️Along with the naturally enjoyable taste of greens, Buddy Greens also contains additional ingredients such as sweet potato, pumpkin, and Spirulina to enhance the delicious flavor even more!

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6 Health Boosting Benefits

  • Sky- High Immunity

    Rich in nutrients, vitamins, trace elements, and minerals that help to rid toxins from the body and boost their overall immunity.

  • Smoothe Digestion

    Packed with soluble fiber to assist your pup's digestive wellness and guaranteed to keep your pup's bowel movements (and booty burps) in check.

  • Supple Skin & Coat

    Packed with Omega Fatty Acids in the exact balances needed to plump up your dog’s skin and keep their coat-game strong.

  • Fresh Breath & Odor

    Loaded with beta-carotene and vitamins A, E, and C -- amazing for fighting off unpleasant odors & bad breath by cleaning the body from the inside out

  • 5-Star Heart Health

    Contains antioxidants, proven to reduce blood pressure, improve blood flow and promote overall cardiovascular health.

  • Resilient Joints

    Contains a blend of anti-inflammatory properties, providing a helping hand in repairing tissue that has been weakened from everyday wear-and-tear.

The One and Only Supplement All Dogs Deserve!

Buddy Greens is for all pup parents who want to give their dogs the daily nutrients they need to thrive. With its powerful blend of vitamins and minerals, Buddy Greens fills the nutritional gaps in your pup's diet and helps them tackle life's stressors head-on!